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DAK II: The Campaign In North Africa, 1940-1942, covers the entire campaign in the Western Desert theater in World War II at the regimental level, from Compass to El Alamein and beyond in 17 scenarios.

OCS Game 4-05, first published in 1997, second edition published in 2004. Designer: Dean Essig. 5 full-size maps, 4 countersheets (plus marker sheet), scale is 1 hex = 5 mi/8 km. While there are many smaller scenarios, the scope of the game covers 239 turns, from 12 September 1940 until 29 Nov 1942.

Comparing the two editions: DAK2 incorporates errata from DAK, changes the color of the German units and has a number of refinements. There are a few map edits. If you have DAK and download the DAK2 files, there isn’t a great deal of functional difference. The changes from DAK to DAK2 are listed here: DAK2 Change List from DAK.

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  • DAK2 Errata (6 Sept 2019) – Important: Be sure to incorporate this errata, particularly the updated Axis Logistical Chart.
  • Errata counters for this game were included with GBII (second edition).



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