Tunisia: The Tunisian Theater of Operations, November 1942 to May 1943, is about the campaign in Northwest Africa from November, 1942 through May, 1943.

OCS Game 4-03, published in 1995. Designer: Dave Friedrichs. Developer: Dean Essig. 2 full-size maps, 3 countersheets (plus 2 marker sheets), scale is 1 hex = 5 mi/8 km. The scope of the campaign game covers 58 turns, from 15 November 1942 to 31 May 1943 (it has a variable ending time). 

Game Specific PDF's:




Tunisia VASSAL Module Page

Tunisia Boardgamegeek Page

Notice to buyers and sellers: There may be a discrepancy in the counter manifest depending on when the game was collated. It has been posted on Consim that because Tunisia had a long run, that the later copies may have a newer version of the of the generic OCS countersheet.

The original game had four countersheets. The inventory listed in the game specific rule book has the following. Two sheets numbered 1 and 2. These have the unit counters for the various sides depicted in the game. Countersheet 3 has 80 generic OCS makers. Sheet 4 is listed as having 140 counters and has more generic OCS counters (this sheet is pictured in the link above).

From the discussion on Consim it seems that it is possible some copies had the "Countersheet 4" replaced with a sheet labeled "Countersheet OCS Markers". So be aware that it is possible that there are two different counter mixes for this game. One with the newer version of the generic OCS counters (with 280 counters.) and the original "Countersheet 4" with a 140 countersheet. Also note it should be one OR the other, not both.