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Sicily II 2024 Back Cover

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Sicily II

This game covers Operation Husky, the Allied Invasion of Sicily, 1943. OCS Game 4-16, published in 2016 as part of Operational Matters. A second printing with errata corrected was published in 2024. Designer: Dean Essig. Developer: John Kisner.

One map, 2 countersheets, scale is 1 hex = 3.5 mi/5.6 km. Campaign game is 16 turns, from 10 July 1943 until 31 August 1943.

Game Specific PDF's:




  • Landing Craft, etc. – Summary sheet of the rules for Landing Craft
  • Sicily Ground Unit Evolution – Illustration of how Ground Units changed between Sicily and Sicily II
  • Learning the Ropes – Article by Ric Van Dyke from Operational Matters detailing a full turn from the Primasole Bridge Scenario included with the game.  This is the updated article referred to in the errata.
  • Luftwaffe in Sicily – Listing of German air units which fought in the campaign, their strength, and how that converted to OCS units.
  • Catania-Messina – Two printable enlarged maps of areas that can get crowded during game play.
  • All About DUKWs - These units generate a lot of questions, so here is a detailed explanation.
  • Differences between 2016 and 2024 version: 6 Sept 2019 errata has been incorporated. Countersheet 2 has three MC.202 air units (left side, top row). Map has a rail line connecting 56.32 to 57.33, the "Sea Mines" rules reference in 57.28 is corrected to 3.4a, and the Village of "Caltanissetta" (34.14) is spelled correctly. In the magazine, the "Learning the Ropes" article in the magazine is the updated version, and errata has been incorporated into the rules.

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