OCS 101 Learning Tools


This page houses particularly useful tools for learning the OCS.


Detailed Walkthroughs or informative AAR's:
  • Reluctant Enemies Starter Guide - Living Rules version of the "Starter Guide" included with Reluctant Enemies.  It is a detailed walkthrough of Turn 1.
  • Reluctant Enemies Extended Starter Guide - Detailed walkthrough of a Reluctant Enemeis game, Turn 2 through the end of the game.
  • Learning the Ropes – Article by Ric Van Dyke from Operational Matters detailing a full turn from the Primasole Bridge Scenario included with the game.
  • Tunisia AAR – Jim Kuchar’s excellent detailed AAR for the entire campaign of the first Tunisia game.  
  • Big Board Gaming YouTube tutorial of Korea "Enter the Dragon Scenario", posted in 2012:
  • Big Board Gaming YouTube tutorial on "Complex Combats" is here.
  • Calandale's YouTube intro to OCS using Reluctant Enemies is here.
  • Mo Romaniuk's series of 49 YouTube videos about OCS, including Live Stream play of Reluctant Enemies and Sicily II is here.
  • Ardwulf's Lair overview of OCS, by Gary Mengle (profile of the system and introduction to counters) is here
  • AAR page by Vincent François with multiple games (some in French and some in English) is here.


Operational Matters:  An OCS Guide

Operational Matters was published in 2016 and included the game Sicily II.  It is now out of print.  Editor Mark Milke did a terrific job of assembling these articles for the magazine.  The articles are posted here with the very kind consent of MMP.

Game Play

Game-Specific Articles

  OCS 101- Detailed examples of play illustrating specific rules or concepts


Player-Created Play Aids


OCS Translations

(If you have additional translated OCS materials, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. me with them.)

  • Chinese:
    • Chinese Language Rules v4.3 document is here
    • Chinese Language Sequence of Play is here.
    • Chinese Language rules for Burma and Beyond the Rhine are linked on their specific OCS Depot pages.
  • French Language OCS Page, with links to a French language OCS v4.0 Rule Set, and translations of materials for Hube's Pocket, Sicily I and DAK2 is here.
  • French: Excellent AAR of Blitzkrieg Legend Campaign Game by Vincent François is here.
  • ItalianOCS Sequence of Play
  • Spanish: OCS Movement and Supply (Spanish Language: OCS Movimento y Suministros) YouTube video is here.
  • Swedish: Baltic Gap AAR (Swedish Language) is here.


Other Material:

  • Into the Gap by Malcolm Cameron, an article from Special Ops #4 (2013) recounting a beginner's perspective on OCS.