OCS 101 Learning Tools


This page houses particularly useful tools for learning the OCS.


Detailed Walkthroughs or informative AAR's:
  • Reluctant Enemies Starter Guide - Living Rules version of the "Starter Guide" included with Reluctant Enemies.  It is a detailed walkthrough of Turn 1.
  • Reluctant Enemies Extended Starter Guide - Detailed walkthrough of a Reluctant Enemeis game, Turn 2 through the end of the game.
  • Learning the Ropes – Article by Ric Van Dyke from Operational Matters detailing a full turn from the Primasole Bridge Scenario included with the game.
  • Tunisia AAR – Jim Kuchar’s excellent detailed AAR for the entire campaign of the first Tunisia game.  
  • Big Board Gaming YouTube tutorial of Korea "Enter the Dragon Scenario", posted in 2012:
  • Big Board Gaming YouTube tutorial on "Complex Combats" is here.
  • Calandale's YouTube intro to OCS using Reluctant Enemies is here.
  • Mo Romaniuk's series of 49 YouTube videos about OCS, including Live Stream play of Reluctant Enemies and Sicily II is here.
  • AAR page by Vincent François with multiple games (some in French and some in English) is here.


Operational Matters:  An OCS Guide

Operational Matters was published in 2016 and included the game Sicily II.  It is now out of print.  Editor Mark Milke did a terrific job of assembling these articles for the magazine:

Game Play

Game-Specific Articles

  OCS 101- Detailed examples of play illustrating specific rules or concepts


Player-Created Play Aids


OCS Materials in Languages other than English

(If you have additional OCS materials in non-English, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. me with them.)

  • OCS Movement and Supply (Spanish Language: OCS Movimento y Suministros) YouTube video is here.
  • Baltic Gap AAR (Swedish Language) is here.
  • OCS Sequence of Play (Italian Language).
  • French Language OCS Page, with links to a French language OCS v4.0 Rule Set, and translations of materials for Hube's Pocket, Sicily I and DAK2 is here.
  • Chinese Language Rules v4.3 is here.  Note there are also Chinese Language rules for Burma and Beyond the Rhine on their pages.
  • Chinese Language Sequence of Play is here.


Other Material:

  • Into the Gap by Malcolm Cameron, an article from Special Ops #4 (2013) recounting a beginner's perspective on OCS.