Hube’s Pocket

Hube's Pocket - The Battles for Western Ukraine, January to April 1944, is the fourth game in the Operational Combat Series from The Gamers and depicts the campaign in the Western Ukraine from January to April, 1944. It pits Manstein’s Army Group South against the 1st and 2nd Ukrainian Fronts in three encirclement battles—Kirovograd, Korsun, and Kamenets-Podoliskiy.

OCS Game 4-04, published in 1995. Designer: Dave Friedrichs. Developer: Dean Essig. 2 full-size maps, 3 countersheets (plus 2 marker sheets), scale is 1 hex = 5 mi/8 km. The scope of the game covers 32 turns, from January to April 1944. 

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