Case Blue

Case Blue is a game that covers both the Axis advance (1941 and 1942) as well as the Soviet counterattacks (Nov 42 to Jan 43) and the German counteroffensive at Kharkov (Feb-March 1943) that ended the series of campaigns in the south. The game covers in great detail all the operations from October 1941 until May 1943 on a large play area extending from Voronezh almost to the Turkish border.  Case Blue covers and replaces the 1994 award winning game Enemy at the Gates. Players get to encircle Stalingrad, run their pocket and relief attempts and the many operations that game covered. It is designed to be played both separately or linked to Guderian's Blitzkrieg II. The monster linked game allows players to run operations on the entire Eastern Front (except for Leningrad) from the fall of 1941 until mid-1943. Multiple scenarios (one map to very large) allow play to be picked up at various key points in the campaign.

OCS Game 4-10, published in 2007. Designer: Dean Essig.  9.5 maps, 10 countersheets (plus 3 marker sheets), scale is 1 hex = 5 mi/8 km. The scope of the game (either alone or with Guderian’s Blitzkrieg II) covers 178 turns, from 1 October 1941 until 29 May 1943.

Game Specific PDF's:


  • CB Errata 14 November 2018
  • Errata counters for this game were included in GBII (2011 printing), and Special Ops #3.
  • Clarification about the "North of the Don Zone" is here.



  • Scenario Pack – 5 additional scenarios, medium to large in size.
  • Chir River Battles Scenario – Small 1-map, 3-turn scenario which recreates the action described in von Mellethin’s book Panzer Battles
  • Stalingrad Relief Effort Scenario – Small 1-map, 6-turn scenario depicting Operation Wintergewitter
  • Alternate Weather Table – Created by John Kisner in 2011 based on BBC climate data for cities in Russia.  He said he was "doodling."  If you use it, the weather is a bit worse overall which tends to restrict Axis hip shoots.  
  • Case Blue AAR - Scan of article published in Operations #48.
  • Soviet Play in Case Blue - Scan of article by Chip Saltsman from Special Ops #7, Summer 2017.
  • Ardwulf's Lair YouTube Video "Ruminations on Case Blue" by Gary Mengle is here.

Case Blue VASSAL Module Page – Note this module enables you to play all scenarios for both Case Blue and GBII.

Case Blue Boardgamegeek Page