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The Forgotten Battles

This game covers the key fighting between late September 1943 and April 1944 in the Army Group Center portion of the Russian front. This was a war of attrition around cities and rugged terrain in the Belorussian region of the former Soviet Union. The major success in this sector was delivered by the Belorussian Front commander, Rokossovsky, who far outshone his neighboring Western Front commander. This leader was Sokolovsky, a protégé of Zhukov and later Soviet Chief of the General Staff. When the time came to write the official Soviet history of the war, it was not politically acceptable for Rokossovsky, who was Polish, to be seen as more effective than Sokolovsky. The result was that the success of one commander was suppressed just as vigorously as the failure of the other. The campaigns here laid the foundations for the collapse of Army Group Center the summer of 1944, but only recently has the full story of The Forgotten Battles been uncovered.  OCS Game 4-22, preorder in 2024.  Designer: Antony Birkett.  Developer:  Chip Saltsman

Four maps, 5 countersheets, scale is 1 hex = 5 mi/8 km.  Campaign game is 63 turns, from 26 September 1943 until 26 April 1944.


Game Specific PDF's:

  • Game Specific Rules
  • Scenario Book
  • Axis Player Book
  • Soviet Player Book





  • TFB Countersheet 1 Front
  • TFB Countersheet 1 Back
  • TFB Countersheet 2 Front
  • TFB Countersheet 2 Back
  • TFB Countersheet 3 Front
  • TFB Countersheet 3 Back
  • TFB Countersheet 4 Front
  • TFB Countersheet 4 Back
  • TFB Countersheet 5 Front
  • TFB Countersheet 5 Back




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