Tunisia II

This game covers the Allied Campaign in Northwest Africa, November 1942 until May 1943. OCS Game 4-15, published in 2016. Designer: Dean Essig. Developer: John Kisner.

Two maps, 2 countersheets (plus markers), scale is 1 hex = 5 mi/8 km. Campaign game is up to 58 turns, from 15 November 1942 until 31 May 1943 (it has a variable ending time).

Game Specific PDF's:




Tunisia II VASSAL Module Page

Tunisia II Boardgamegeek Page

Note:  The upgrade of this game involved a handful of important decisions. A straight reprint was out of the question, since the original was designed back when the OCS v2 rulebook was fairly new. In Tunisia II we standardize how the game should be played with the latest series rules, and also have updated it to β€œfit” better with newer OCS games. So units and rules have been changed to conform to games also set in 1942-43: DAK II, Case Blue, and Sicily II. Recent work on Beyond the Rhine is also factored in.