This is the 2001 box cover art:

The original 1992 Guderian's Blitzkrieg box:

GB 1992 Box Cover

Guderian’s Blitzkrieg II

GBII models Army Group Center during the swing period of WW2 in the East. This game covers the action from its predecessor Guderian's Blitzkrieg (1992), the first OCS game, and adds all the action from Lake Ilmen south to Voronezh from Oct. 41 and the last drives of Barbarossa until the Spring of 1943 and the preparations for Kursk. The game covers in great detail all the operations from October 1941 until May 1943 on a large play area extending from Voronezh to Kursk. It is designed to be played both separately or linked to Case Blue. The monster linked game allows players to run operations on the entire Eastern Front (except for Leningrad) from the fall of 1941 until mid-1943. Multiple scenarios (one map to very large) allow play to be picked up at various key points in the campaign.

OCS Game 4-08, initially published in 2001 and then updated/reprinted in 2011. Designer: Dean Essig.

3 full-size maps, four ½-size maps, 7 countersheets (plus 3 marker sheets), scale is 1 hex = 5 mi/8 km. The scope of the game (either alone or with Case Blue) covers 178 turns, from 1 October 1941 until 29 May 1943.

Game Specific PDF's:

  • Case Blue Rules v2.04 (12-2015)Important Note: This rulebook is designed to serve both Case Blue and GBII, whether played combined or separately. Errata was corrected, and some sections underwent revision to improve clarity or enhance linkage with the 2011 printing of GBII (marked with a check for easy identification). Download and use THIS rulebook.
  • GBII-Reprint Rules only – These rules were superseded by the Case Blue rules. This rulebook is needed only to supplement GBII area scenario setups.
  • GBII-Reprint Scenarios – These are the GBII area scenario setups
  • CB Axis OOA revised – This is a master Axis OOA for both GBII and Case Blue
  • CB Russian OOA revised – This is a master Russian OOA for both GBII and Case Blue








Case Blue VASSAL Module Page – Note this module enables you to play all scenarios for both Case Blue and GBII.

GBII Boardgamegeek Page


Files from 2001 Edition:


1992 Guderian's Blitzkrieg (4-01):

The first OCS title was a 2-map game covering the German drive on Moscow from 21 September 1941 to 20 December 1941.  It is playable in its own right, but the OCS system has developed considerably since its publication.